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The HP Envy 5540 offers a different dimension in terms of being a printer. It is not just a conventional printer stacked with paper, but it is a device with lots of positive traits. Some of the operations in the include copy, scan, AirPrint, Duplex, and Wireless printing. The ones living with the figment of imagination can avail of this printer owing to its design and the printer’s unmatchable presence. You may never see the ink running down empty in the due to the ink replenishment service. Get Borderless images and a fantastic experience with the HP Envy 5540!!

Performing the Setup Process – 5540

It is essential to refer the HP Envy 5540 manual before any setup stuff. Initially, Link the printer on a wireless network (A Wi-Fi connection)

HP Envy 5540 Setup using

HP Envy 5540 Setup

Also, follow the steps mentioned below to perform the HP Envy 5540 Wireless setup process.

Prep Yourself for the Installation

  • To perform the HP Envy 5540 installation, acquire the items such as Network name, passcode and a firm internet access
  • Secondly, ensure that the router and your PC are turned ON
  • The computer must be linked to the identical wireless network i.e., the one you used to connect the printer
  • Subsequently, Turn the On. Keep the printer closer to the Computer and the PC to get the best possible results while printing
  • Distance yourself from employing old methods for the internet connection
  • Just disconnect the USB or the Ethernet cables from the printer

Here’s How you Connect the HP Envy 5540

There is a simple alternative to connect the HP Envy 5540, and you can thereby maintain the robustness of the printer

  • In case if the printer is not turned on, push the On button
  • Now you can find the wireless icon on the printer control panel
  • Next, A screen named Wireless summary gets displayed
  • Under the settings option, touch the Wireless setup wizard
  • Take note of the guidelines specified on the control panel
  • Ultimately, you can finish connecting your printer to a wireless network

Find the HP Envy 5540 Driver and Install it

Always remember that you’ve had to download and install the latest version of the printer driver from the HP webpage (

  • Navigate to the HP webpage in the first place and find the HP Envy 5540 driver by typing a related keyword in the search box
  • Once you click Enter, a lot of results will get displayed
  • Among those results, choose the driver that is compatible with your Computer’s operating system
  • Since we’re talking about MAC OS, select the driver that matches with MAC
  • After you’ve chosen it, click download and the file gets downloaded on your PC
  • As the download is complete, click the respective data in the downloads folder
  • The installer launches while you double-click on the file
  • This is the area where you configure the functions of the printer
  • Now in the installer window, you are required to double-click HP Inkjet SW
  • To complete the installation process, follow the series of on-screen prompts
  • Once it has ended, clamp down the installation software
  • Open the HP Utility software window, choose the printer’s name and click to Continue further
  • Click Add printer and a window gets visualized
  • On the window, again click Add so that the HP Envy 5540 printers gets added
  • After this, choose to continue in the installer Add printer window
  • Finally, the 5540 process gets over and then click done
  • But for scanning, you must install the HP Envy scan software on your PC to perform the necessary functions

That’s all with the 5540 process and let’s proceed with the troubleshooting steps in case if your printer faces issues

HP Envy 5540 Not Printing Issue

This issue happens when the printer is working but the output comes in missing black or color ink. The page you’ve printed is black, or there is very little ink.

Tips to Improve Print Quality

Below are some suggestions to eliminate this horrendous issue:

  • The usage of genuine HP cartridges is encouraged. If you use cartridges of other brands, you might face several problems while printing
  • Verify if there is ample amount of ink in the cartridges, if not replace the cartridges immediately without fail
  • Just open the printer cartridge door and press down the new cartridge after you’ve removed the old one
  • At times, the ink cartridges may be infested with a lot of dust and clean them at regular intervals

Well, if you face issues with the 5540 process, you can contact the HP printer support team at +1-866-217-6030 or visit to provide you assistance.