Introduction About the 7645

  • HP Envy 7645 is the all in one printer
  • Supports wireless direct printing
  • Contain four-color ink cartridge
  • Input tray sheet capacity is 125 sheets
  • Output tray sheet capacity is 25 sheets
  • Automatic feeder capacity is 25 sheets
  • Print technology is a HP thermal inkjet
  • Energy-saving feature technology is HP auto-off technology
  • Certified as energy star qualified printer

HP Envy 7645 Setup – 7645 7645 7645

Initial steps

  • First, check that the delivered printer is sealed properly
  • Ensure that all the components are correctly delivered along with the printer
  • Remove the packing materials and take the printer from the package
  • connect the power cable to the printer
  • And hook the other end of the power cable to the wall outlet
  • Load the paper to the input tray
  • Remove the packing materials and peel of the tape from the ink cartridge
  • Handle the ink cartridges carefully
  • Load the ink cartridges to the particular slots and close the ink carriage door

Basic Settings on the printer panel

  • If the printer panel suggest you complete the basic settings, proceed with the settings
  • Choose the language, location and time & date on the printer

How to install HP Envy 7645 to the Wireless Network?

You can use both the wireless wizard option or the WPS method to connect the HP Envy 7645 to the wireless connection using 7645. To process with the WPS method, you need to check whether your printer and the router supports the WPS method. if both support the wireless network, you can process the WPS method

Required credentials for the wireless connection

  • Network name
  • The password to the network
  • Healthy network connection

Step to connect the wireless connection to the HP Envy 7645

  • On the control panel, navigate to the settings
  • Enter the wireless wizard option on the printer settings
  • Enable the wireless wizard option on the printer
  • Wait until the network search is completed
  • Check that there is your networks name on the list
  • If yes, then enter to your printer’s name and enter the password and connect the printer to the wireless network

After the wireless setting, the printer will provide you the notification about the driver update on the printer panel.

Install HP Envy 7645 without CD

Steps to install HP Envy 7645 drivers for Windows

  • On your windows visit the page and enter your model number
  • Once you get the search result download the driver from the site
  • Then before you process for the installation, check that it suits to your printer
  • Download the HP easy start app on the driver and add the printer to the computer
  • Once you add the printer to the network, process with the installation step of the driver to the printer

Steps to install the HP Envy7645 driver for Mac?

  • Download the driver from the 7645 page
  • After the download ,check that the driver is compatible with the Mac device
  • Download and install the HP easy start app to the device
  • Open the HP easy start app and add the printer to the mac device
  • Then install the driver to the printer

Troubleshooting Issue

HP Envy 7645 scanners not working

Check that the driver is compatible with the scanning. Check that the scanning documents have been placed correctly on the printer. Ensure that there is no threat to external software. Make sure that there is a healthy network connection to the printer to process the scanning.

HP Envy 7645 shows offline

If your printer goes offline, then check that you have enabled the offline feature on the printer. Also, check that if this issue persists even after enabling. Then Make sure that there is no issue on the software that you have installed it on the printer

HP Envy 7645 is not printing

If your printer is not printing, ensure that you have the correct version of the software to the printer. Confirm that there is no collapse on the paper on the input tray. Check the level of the ink cartridge, as this may also cause the issue while printing

For further details, 7645 get the tips and tricks from our customer support team @ +1-866-217-6030 or visit and resolve your issue.