Solution for HP Envy 4500 Not Printing Issue

Sometimes your HP Envy will not print. When you use wireless printing with HP Envy printer the troubleshooter will not reveal any issue. However, you may not be able to print anything. Ultimately, you may be experiencing some issues with the printer. For some assistance to resolve the HP Envy 4500 not printing issue here are some of the steps.

You have to confirm if the printer can make a photocopy or not. Subsequently, You have to place the document on the scanner glass. Click the copy option on the control panel of the printer. See if it can make a good photocopy or not.

Evidently, if the copy is good then try following the steps mentioned below-

HP Envy 4500 Not Printing

HP Envy 4500 Not Printing

Step One:

At first, unplug the USB cable from the printer if it is there

  • Go to the control panel. In that, there will be programs and feature option. Choose all the HP Envy printer entries and delete all of it
  • Now reach the control panel in that devices and printer. There select all the printer entries and cross out of all it
  • Click the ‘Windows key’ + ‘r’ to make the ‘Run’ window open. key in “exe /s”. Take care of the space between .exe and /.  Click Enter.
  • In the print server properties you have to go to the drivers and take it all off
  • Then go to the Run window again. You have to type  “c:/programdata”. In the folder, Hewlett Packard erase any folders that are related to the printers
  • Now you have to restart the computer
  • Now press site to download and get the software
  • Lastly, Link with the USB cable if it asks for it. You have to go along with the onscreen instructions to finish the installation

Step Two

For HP Envy 4500 not printing in print black or color ink or if it is printing blank pages you can try out the steps below. HP highly recommends you to use the original HP cartridges for better performance. Furthermore, it will provide you with excellent print quality, unlike ordinary cartridges.

  • Initially, you have to check the level of ink. You have to change any low or empty cartridges.
  • Press the dash symbol on the lower-left corner. It will be in the control panel
  • Tap the right arrow to scroll to the tools and then tap OK
  • Then touch estimated ink levels. You have to tap OK
  • The ink level warnings and the indicators will show estimates for the purposes for planning only
  • There is no need of replacing the cartridges until the quality of the prints become poor
  • If the indicator shows low ink levels you can think of having a replacement cartridge. It will aid you in avoiding printing delays
  • Lastly, If the cartridge has good quantity of ink you do not need to replace

Using an Automated Tool to Tidy up the Printhead

  • To begin with, the printer has to be powered on for this step
  • Press the dash symbol in the lower-left corner on the control panel
  • Tap the right arrow to scroll for the tools. Tap OK
  • Then scroll to clean the print head and tap OK
  • The printer will start to clean the printhead
  • Some noises will come from the printer during this process
  • Therefore the test page will print after the completion of the cleaning
  • Thoroughly inspect the test page and verify if there are any faults in the print. The printer quality has to be good
  • You would have to tidy up the print head again a few times to get flawless print quality
  • You have to always remember to turn off the printer using the print button

Identifying the Cartridge that Caused the Issue

  • Firstly, if you do not have a replacement cartridge available you can take off the faulty cartridge. You will be able to print in the single-cartridge mode
  • Secondly, if you take off the tri-color cartridge the printer will utilize the black cartridge. The same happens if the other one is removed.
  • Thirdly, take a print quality report and check the quality of the printer. See if there are any gaps, smears or other defects
  • Consequently, if there are any faults in the black texts, your black cartridge is faulty and the same goes for the other cartridge

Lastly, to know more about troubleshooting tips for HP Envy 4500 not printing get in touch with our HP support professional at